Just Arrived: Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Hydrating, long-lasting, and intensely pigmented, Guerlain’s new Rouge Automatique Lipstick is a covetable addition to the prestigious Guerlain Cosmetics line. It continues on with the house’s illustrious heritage of blending old school glamour with innovation to a perfect degree, and it’s bound to set the hearts of beauty lovers racing.

I’ll save the information about what’s inside for now, because the crowning glory of the Rouge Automatique Lipstick is its jaw-droppingly gorgeous casing. This new lipstick draws inspiration from the original incarnation of Rouge Automatique that was first unveiled in 1936, as Guerlain’s Creative Director Olivier Échaudemaison fell in love with its Art Deco design when looking through the Guerlain archives. 21st century innovation has changed the design just slightly to allow the lid to slide snugly inside the casing as the lipstick is pushed up, which replaces the original ‘up and outwards’ mechanism of the 30’s version. Everything about the casing is so sleek and sophisticated, with the Guerlain mark on both the slider and the lid in delicate filigree.

While it’s the casing that will attract your attention, it’s the plethora or colours and the high quality of the lipstick formulation that will make you fall in love. The lipstick meets Guerlain’s 3 objectives really very well: the first promises a melty, second-skin texture, the second is to provide amped up colour with a tailor-made shine, and the third assures a remarkable, long-lasting, and comfortable hold. The colours are sheer due to an inimitable mix of Cristal pigments in with the colour pigment, which work to create a unique-to-the-wearer shine on the lips. I particularly like this aspect of the lipstick, as that sheerness can be built up to an opacity that boasts full coverage without the flatness of matte lipsticks.

The lipstick is pure luxury to apply, as the fine blend of oils and waxes allow the colour to melt onto your lips. It feels as nourishing as a balm, and is just so comfortable to wear. If you think that a pliable texture automatically means short-lived wear time, Rouge Automatique will prove you wrong. It boasts brilliant wear time, staying put without the need for a touch up for hours. It’s truly a brilliant all-rounder, and a real contender for my favourite Rouge G lipstick. The fragrance is the icing on the cake, with its a fresh and floral scent with just a touch of vanilla; it makes you want to just reapply and reapply.


As for the colours, as you might expect from the glamorous Guerlain, reds, pinks, oranges, and beiges dominate the collection – there’s no room for crazy hues here! That’s just as well though, because with packaging this gorgeous you’ll to purchase colours that you’ll use every day. Each of the 25 shades is named for a Guerlain fragrance, from the better known Samsara and Champs Elysées, to the niche Ne M’Oubliez Pas and Quand Vient L’été.

Stand out shades include the deliciously orange-tinged coral #143 Nahema with just a hint of shimmer, the gorgeous rosy hue of #164 Chamade, the subtle beige-pink of #103 Chant d’aromes, and the traffic-stopping true red of #123 Habit Rouge.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Nahema Chamade Chant d'Arome Habit Rouge Lipstick

Take a look at the Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick right here, and indulge in the spectrum of glamorous hues.


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