Blog of the Week #19.. Beauty Fulfilled


Our 19th Blog of the Week accolade goes to the absolutely gorgeous Kaushal of Beauty Fulfilled, a lovely lady whose blog never fails to perk me up.

What comes across the most in Kaushal’s posts is her optimism and passion. I particularly love her 100 Things posts; a collection of 10 posts each containing 10 things that she loves, from Summer and lipstick, to rollercoasters and Starbucks. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a tad nosey when it comes to finding out more about people, and I love reading about all of the things that make up a person. The collection of thoughtful posts adds another dimension to the blog, and is a lovely way of giving a little more insight into the lady behind the makeup.

The mix of topics works really well, with Kaushal switching from clothing chat to makeup review with ease and an in depth knowledge. This is yet another dimension to the blog that completely holds your interest, especially as there is a focus upon beautiful photography. With lots of true colour pictures, helpful comparisons, beautifully co-ordinated swatches (I love how the fabric in the background has been chosen for these swatches!), and clear pictures of how the product looks when applied, Kaushal’s blog is as informative as it is entertaining.

This is especially true of two her how-to posts which are an absolute must-read: I like to wing it, wing it! and Eyebrow OCD. They explain, step by step, how to perfect the fiddly eye liner flick, and the ultra-neat eyebrow, and I’ve yet to come across a more simple method.


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