Dior Rock Your Nails 2011 Collection and Swatches

Following on from our Dior Addict Lipstick swatchfest, we’ve decided to have a little go with the new Dior Rock Your Nails collection. Dior describes the range as “Haute Couleur Extreme Wear” and a collection of “modern urban shades” – and I’m inclined to agree. The five colours are smoky and muted, almost as though they were once bright but the urban jungle has made them a little jaded. You have the opportunity to make them darker still with the genius and limited edition Rock Coat: a top coat infused with a smoky grey that makes any colour look a little darker and more seductive. It also doubles up as a shine intensifier and a nail protector, and it’s definitely the star product of the collection.

The colours that we sampled were #887 Purple Mix, a hazy purple with a gorgeous glossy finish; #704 Nirvana, a blue-grey-green that goes with everything; #804 Perfecto, an almost black grey that was full of depth; and the aforementioned Rock Coat. Here’s how we fared…


Dior Vernis #887 Purple Mix

Purple Mix is the next generation of greige-purple, though this blend has a distinct vibrancy that the greige brigade lacked. It is simultaneously understated and confidence boosting, and is just so  easy to wear. It could be described as a dark mauve, particularly in sunlight, but tends to veer towards the the greige territory when indoors. When the Rock Coat was applied, Purple Mix turned into the most gorgeously vampy grape purple.

Dior Vernis #704 Nirvana

Nirvana is a perfect green-grey that looks almost blue in some lights (see picture on the right compared to the left!). Despite the presence of the grey, Nirvana isn’t a murky shade. It has a subtle quirkiness and is a hue that could be worn all year round, from summer dresses to woolly jumpers. I wore this shade all weekend and it saw me right the way through, from the park to gigs, attracting plenty of compliments along the way – I love it! With the Rock Coat, it turned into a green-black shade that that was deep and enigmatic.

Dior Vernis #804 Perfecto

Perfecto is THE shade for those who want to wear black, but find that it clashes with their skin tone. The bang on-trend graphite shade is completely matte with no shimmer, but it isn’t flat – instead, it has a big helping of gorgeous glossiness to keep it soft and wearable. This is the perfect dark nail for a luxe rock look, with tonnes of drama and intrigue.  As they are similar shades, the Rock Coat didn’t make a big difference to the colour of Perfecto.

Take a look at the Dior Rock Your Nails shades right here, and find the Rock Coat right here!

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