Flash Review.. Paul Smith Optimistic Man and Woman

Optimistic Man

Simple, youthful and very wearable, Paul Smith Optimistic for Men is a clear, aromatic scent with a touch of sensuous greenery. It’s fresh and its fun, but it isn’t too bold, which could so easily have been the case with the sunny and youthful vibe that Paul Smith attempts to capture.

Despite the minimal presence of citrus, Optimistic is an incredibly upbeat scent that remains energetic right through to the dry down. The citrus-pepper opening is the perfect introduction, a blend of zest with an edgy depth – a description that I feel best depicts the scent overall. This piquancy is supported by the herby greenery of Sage and floral Geranium, the latter lending the tiniest smattering of sweetness that works to lift the scent once again. A woody dry down of Cedar, Vetiver and Amber carry on in the same vein of aromatic greenery, making this a more sophisticated take on youthful sensuality that works really well.


Optimistic Woman

Paul Smith Optimistic for Women is a completely decadent, dessert-like scent. It’s very sweet, straddling the line between gourmand and fruity without ever feeling like it is too much. It’s a fun-loving scent, and definitely one for those who like their fragrance to be lively and colourful.

You can definitely tell that this scent was inspired by shades of pink! With an exuberant opening of Pink Berries, Pink Grapefruit, Litchi and Sweet Pea, there’s no slow build – just a sparkling, vivacious medley of fruits and flora that instantly captures your imagination. With many fruity florals, the fruity top notes are tempered with a deeply floral heart, but Optimistic keeps the zesty fruits coming. A gorgeous heart of Mandarin, Cranberry and Raspberry Macaroon are the notes that define the fragrance, particularly the raspberry which can be detected immediately upon spraying. The sharpness of the red berries is a constant invigorator, working to reenergise senses with every waft of scent. A heady dry down of Orris and Patchouli completes the fruity floral composition. If you’ve been hankering for a lively, fruity scent to cheer you up, look no further than Optimistic for Women.

I really like these upbeat scents. It’s the perfect time of year to wear them, and they’re a great pick-me-up with an instant charm. They’re youthful, irreverent, and a little quirky, and they’re ideal for a pop of fragrance colour.

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