Lavender Gets Cool.. Skincare and Fragrance Favourites



Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I am a big fragrance junkie. If it smells good, I want to own it… From indulgent gourmand scents like vanilla, cocoa, and caramel – to rich essential oils, like rose and jasmine oil – to zingy fruity fragrances, like lemon, lime, and pomegranate. I’m keen to try everything  and anything.

I say that now, but a few years ago, I wouldn’t have gone near anything that promised deep, relaxing notes of Lavender… Yuck. Lavender was something that belonged in the potpourri bowl at my Grandmother’s house – not a scent that deserved to go anywhere near my bathroom shelf or (god forbid) my skin or hair.

But all of a sudden, lavender got cool… Brands that I respected started including it in their formulations – rich, indulgent products that promised to pamper skin and ease the mind with equal measure. The packaging was modern and stylish (none of the fussy illustrations of lavender-products-past) and so I relented… And do you know what? I started to really like it…

So this week, I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite Lavender-infused products, so you can discover it for yourself. Just don’t be surprised if Grandmother starts taking more of an interest in your beauty stash…


1) L’Occitane The Harvests Relaxing Lavender Gift Set, £25.92.
I adore this French brand and the fun packaging makes this gift set even more tempting. It contains Lavender Hand Wash, Hand Cream, and Foot Cream – all rich, nourishing and very hydrating.

2) Amouage Opus II, £170.
This cool, unisex fragrance is inspired by the evocative atmosphere of a library, with a blend of unique, refined notes. Lavender is detected in the top notes, alongside Absinth, Pepper and Pink Notes. Heart notes are soft florals, whilst bottom notes are deep and spicy.  A stylish way to wear lavender…

3) The Art of Shaving Cream – Lavender, £20.
It’s not just the ladies that can enjoy lavender… This moisturising shaving cream – from Slick grooming range The Art of Shaving – contains extracts of lavender to soothe sensitive skin. I love the cool packaging.

4) Tisserand Moisturising Shampoo Organic Lavender and Mint, £5.35.
The fact that lavender has been blended with mint in this shampoo is genius… Lavender moisturises locks, whilst mint refreshes – and the scent is incredible, clinging to locks all day long.

5) Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Relaxing Aromatic Reed Diffuser, £21.77
If you like natural fragrances, this reed diffuser is the perfect thing for your lounge. The relaxing blend of essential oils, including lavender and vanilla, will scent the room for around 90 days. Relaxing and luxurious – it reminds me of the inviting fragrance of a day spa.

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