Givenchy Vax’In for Youth.. Youth Infusion Serum and Youth Infusion Serum Eye

Givenchy’s range of skincare is renowned for its innovation and efficacy. So when they recently revealed their new anti-ageing range Vax’In for Youth, the culmination of more than 20 years worth of research, you just knew it was going to be exceptionally good.

The inspiration for the range came into being through the work of eminent Biogerontologist Suresh Rattan, who borrows the philosophy of the vaccine. This philosophy proposes that stress – when induced in small doses – can be beneficial to overall health. The same is true of the skin’s natural defences, which learn to deal with external aggressors more effectively when they’re exposed to them in low levels. Vax’In for Youth achieves this using a process called hormesis, which produces micro-stimuli that encourage the skin’s cells to produce the protein HSP70. This protein is the true age-defying wonder of the formulation, playing a decisive role in stimulating the defence and repair mechanisms in cells.

The range includes two high efficiency products: The Givenchy Vax’In for Youth Infusion Serum, and the Givenchy Vax’In for Youth Infusion Eye Serum. Each product is incredibly tactile and velvety, gliding onto the skin with ease to help support elasticity, hydration, and skin repair. The skin is left feeling light and luminous, and after time skin is incredibly toned and resilient to ageing.

Use the Givenchy Vax’In for Youth Infusion Serum after cleansing, but before moisturising. Smooth on the Givenchy Vax’In for Youth Infusion Eye Serum as you would do your usual eye treatment.

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