Blog of the Week #21.. Pixiwoo



This week’s Blog of the Week is awarded to what is perhaps the best known beauty blog out there: Pixiwoo, the brainchild of makeup artist sisters Sam and Nic Chapman. Their empire includes both a blog and a YouTube channel – they even have  spinoff channel PixiwooMadness, a place dedicated to all of the bits and bobs that comprises the sisters’  lives.

I rediscovered the wonders of Pixiwoo this week after I’d completely forgotten how to achieve a decent smoky eye. After scoping the web, I was inaugurated back into the ever-trusty Pixiwoo circle and followed Nic’s Cheryl Cole make-up tutorial, et voila – I had an instant, stress-free smoky eye (and super sculpted cheekbones to boot).

Pixiwoo are like an initiation into the beauty blogging world; they teach you how to hone your skills (or acquire them, as in my case) so that you may be released into the wider blogging circle with a decent amount of knowledge under your belt. Their incredibly laidback and chatty tutorials are a joy to watch, even when if you’re not recreating that particular look, you always pick up a little nugget of information gold. My particular favourites are A very quick make-up demo for glasses wearers, which a must watch for those who wear glasses, particularly short-sighted lenses that make your eyes look smaller; Veronica Lake 1940s Hair and makeup, because all things 1940s are just a big win; and My birthday make-up tutorial, because Sam’s glittery eyelids are absolutely beautiful.

Take a look at the Pixiwoo blog right here, and have a little peek at the Pixiwoo YouTube Channel here.