The Fake Tan Workout

I wish I were blessed with the kind of skin that tans easily – but at the grand old age of 30 (gulp), I am finally ready to accept that it is not the case. Of course, there is a big positive to this… Sunbathing is not good for our skin – fact – so my lack of basking will hopefully pay back in years to come (both in terms of health and the appearance of my skin).

Whilst I am aware and thankful for this, it doesn’t stop me envying girls that strut through the streets of London with tans worthy of a month spent in Miami Beach (and if they really did spend the past month in Miami Beach, I am even more envious…)

To keep up with the best of them, I have perfected a fake tan workout that gives me a golden glow when the sun decides to shine… Want to join me? Just follow the simple steps below…


The night before I plan to tan, I run a bath and grab a pot of sugar-based body scrub. Fake tan has a nasty habit of clinging to rough, dead skin – so this is an essential part of the workout if you want to avoid streaks and pull off a natural look. My favourite has to be Occo Makocija No.5 Body Scrub, £21.25. As elbows and knees tend to be rougher and drier than other parts of the body, these are areas to particularly concentrate on when exfoliating.


Before I hit the sack, I apply a rich moisturiser to further smooth and hydrate skin. It’s important that this step is taken before bed to give it a chance to absorb fully, as fake tan won’t develop properly if applied when moisturiser is still on the surface of skin. Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, £13.95, is absolutely ideal for the job and will leave skin smelling almost edible too!

3) TAN

When I wake up, it’s time to apply the fake tan! There are quite literally thousands of different products on the market and I like to think I have trialled a fair few of them – but my favourite is still St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, £19.20. The colour it develops is unrivalled, it lasts incredibly well, and very rarely streaks. There is, however, one very essential step to take in this part of the workout – and that’s to use a Mitt to apply it. I simply couldn’t achieve a natural look without this simple tool. Apply the mousse to skin directly and then use the mitt to spread evenly over the body. It also avoids those telltale orange palms! I use St Tropez Applicator Mitt, £3.36.


When I’ve got the colour, what next? Show it off, of course! My favourite way to do that is to apply body oil. I’m not suggesting an oil slick, but a gorgeous healthy glow that highlights skin and shows off the colour. My absolute favourite is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Golden Dry Oil Splash, £22.08, which in infused with golden shimmer. As a bonus, it has a fabulous scent, has a dry texture, and will hydrate skin and thus extend my golden glow. What’s not to like?

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