Blog of the Week #23.. A Model Recommends


Our Blog of the Week this week goes out to an incredibly influential blogger, Ruth of A Model Recommends. Her blog contains all of the beauty tips that you’ll ever need, including tutorials, reviews, and product selections. Her inclusion of both high end and high street products makes the blog an accessible place for all, and Ruth always offers as much information as possible about her choices to make sure that her readers are incredibly well informed.

A very recent addition to the blog is The Forum, a place for A Model Recommends followers to convene and have a chat in one dedicated place. This is such a lovely idea, and it’s a very active place already – perhaps unsurprisingly the most populous area is the Beauty board, which is turning into a beauty wiki of sorts.

The blog is so diverse, and includes everything from makeup tips to hair products, fashion posts to fitness regimes. My very favourite posts are those that include a video, like May Beauty Round-Up. Ruth doesn’t just write about her products, she talks animatedly and authoritatively about them with her readers, too (and makes sure to include a details shopping list, which is fabulous).

Take a look at A Model Recommends right here, and follow Ruth on Twitter here.