Just Landed at Escentual.. ID Hair

Known for their styling prowess and their unique formulations, IDHAIR presents a range of five hardworking styling products for all hair types and styles. With quality and innovation at the forefront of everything that they do, you can expect something pretty special!

Beach Gum
This pliable gel wax formulation is perfect for all hair types, and all hair lengths. It provides impressive hold and definition all day long with a loosely sculpted feel. Work a small amount through damp hair for a more laidback effect.

Dusty Bronze
Keep your hair in place all day with this dense clay wax. It provides a mattified look that doesn’t look too ‘done’, and has a powerful all-day hold. This clay wax is best for short hair, helping you to create a plethora of texturised styles.

Soft Silver
Soft Silver has the lightest hold of the IDHAIR family, with a weightless, non-sticky formulation. Perfect for short to medium-length hair, the extremely pliable wax enables infinite working and reworking of the hair, with excellent definition.

Hard Gold
This is a more powerful wax that ensures reliable hold and shape. Hard Gold provides sharp definition and separation that aids you in the creation of more adventurous styles. Despite the super strength hold, your style remains reworkable throughout the day.

Extreme Titanium
Hardcore hold that really goes the distance. This bestselling formulation provides incredibly sharp definition and shape which, like all of the IDHAIR products, lets you rework and restyle your hair throughout the day. When you’re done, just rinse out!

Take a look at the ID Hair collection here.

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