Blog of the Week #30.. Temptalia

This week’s blog of the week goes out to a beauty blogging giant from across the pond. Temptalia is the domain of Christine, a superhuman blogger whose rate of fresh and in-depth content generation is just phenomenal.

Temptalia is without doubt the go-to place for information about new releases. From MAC to Dior, Urban Decay to Guerlain, Christine is never short of an exclusive scoop. Best of all, she’s not just descriptive; Christine is particularly evaluative. She breaks down the texture, colour, and longevity of every product that she tries, and is honest and balanced with in her observation. A notable feature of Temptalia is its rating system, whereby each product is given a mark akin to an exam grade. Then, Christine opens the forum to her readers, asking whether they are ‘Loving It’ or ‘Leaving It’. This quantitative appraisal provides a clear and democratic insight as to which products are worth their salt.

Temptalia is an ever-expanding resource of knowledge for beauty lovers, particularly in terms of its helpful Dupe List and the Foundation Matrix. Each of these wiki-like guides are aided by the blog’s large following of readers and contributors, who constantly add their own suggestions. In terms of collaboration, Temptalia is in a league of it’s own, and that’s why we’re completely enamoured.

Take a look at the Temptalia blog right here, and follow Christine on Twitter here.