Blog of the Week #31.. Beauty Mouth

This week’s blog of the week goes out to Caroline of Beautymouth, a charismatic and lovely lady who lives and breathes beauty. Both an industry insider and a leading beauty blogger, Caroline has all of the information you could ever possibly need about makeup and skincare.

An interesting fact about Caroline is that her mother and her grandmother also worked in the beauty industry, a fact that she is rightfully proud about. This lasting legacy has no doubt shaped Caroline’s approach to the industry, and has given her a wealth of experience and know-how.

Caroline has also set up the incredible Give and Makeup non-profit initiative. The prevalence of domestic violence in the UK is little talked about, and the aftermath of that violence is broached even less. When those who have suffered domestic abuse find themselves in shelters without any toiletries, Give and Make Up works to supply those women with the essentials thanks to product donations received from the public. Caroline recognised the needs of those women and worked to do something about it, harnessing the positive power of beauty whilst also making it possible for all women to do their bit to help.

And in case that didn’t seem enough, Caroline has also set up B.I.T.E. with fellow beauty blogger Louise (aka Get Lippie). B.I.T.E. stands for BLOGGERS. INTEGRITY. TRUST. ETHICS – so if you see the BITE logo on a site it’s a sign that the blog has subscribed to their code of ethics, which includes being open and honest, no-bullying, not breaking embargos, and not selling press samples.  The intention is to highlight bloggers – big and small – who they trust and feel brands, PR’s, other bloggers and the general public can trust too.

 For an expansive look at the world of beauty, go take a look at Beautymouth

Additionally, if you’ve like to make a donation to Give and Make Up, take a look at our Give and Make Up page here.