Just Launched: Miller Harris Fragrances

If you like your eclectic and artisanal scents, then you’re in for a treat! Miller Harris has landed at Escentual, a collection of scents that read like an olfactory love letter to both sides of the channel. Founder Lyn Harris creates each of the fragrances herself, and with twenty years of experience in the industry (including five years training in both Paris and Grasse), she certainly knows her stuff.

The fragrances are timeless and original expressions of certain moments in time, emotional and descriptive scents captured within iconic floral flacons. I was lucky enough to sample the scents in the distinctive fragrance wardrobe, and here are my favourite three:


Fleur Oriental

I have a bit of a penchant for oriental scents, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Fleur Oriental is described as “a soft and sweet scent with a touch of spicy drama” with notes of Fresh Orange Flower, Turkish Rose, Carnation and Amber. I’m really liking carnation at the moment (also the main note in another new favourite, Serge Lutens Vitriol d’oeillet), and it smells really exquisite when blended with the softness of heliotrope. Despite its status as a traditional oriental, the scent isn’t heavy in the slightest.  The main focus is the floral heart rather than the spicy base, which makes it perfect for everyday wear.


Citron Citron

At the other end of the spectrum, the bright and juicy Citron Citron is an ideal summertime scent. It’s playful, lively and charming, with just a hint of aromatic basil to add depth and a mint garnish for crispness. Citron Citron is an uncomplicated unisex scent – but it is by no means a generic citrus. Rather, it’s a sophisticated blend that stays bright and sunny right through to the end, whilst developing complexity after several hours wear in the woody and spicy base notes.


Feuilles de Tabac

Dark, mysterious, and very smoky, this is a unisex scent that definitely swings towards the masculine end of the fragrance spectrum. On my skin Feuilles de Tabac smells almost peat-like, and is incredibly aromatic and earthy. As the scent wears on and greenery breaks through the brown earth, there is an intriguing blend of freshness and an incense-like headiness. Throughout the entire composition you can detect those signature Tobacco Leaves, too. I’ve worn nothing quite like this before – it’s a new love.


Discover the entire Miller Harris range of fragrances here at Escentual, starting at £60 for 50ml.

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