Blog of the Week #32.. Beauty Swot

Our award this week goes out to Bettina Beauty Swot, a lovely lady with seriously lustworthy ombre hair.

Bettina has such a warm and welcoming personality, and her blog is always a joy to read. I particularly enjoy her reviews as they’re just so accessible and frank, with lots of pictures and a great in-depth rundown of what worked for her, and what definitely didn’t make the grade.

One of the best things about Beauty Swot is that Bettina doesn’t compromise her niche interests. From beauty to kids products, books to the best place to have afternoon tea, she writes about the things that are truly important to her all in the same space. It’s not just a site of reference or information mining; it’s Bettina’s space, and that truly shows!

Bettina has a big presence across all of the beauty blogging social platforms, and her chatter always makes for a lovely and informative read. Follow her on Twitter and fan her on Facebook!