Pick & Mix Beauty Questions #4.. Fat Frocks

All this week we’ll be taking a look at some blogger beauty confessions in our Pick ‘n’ Mix Beauty Questions feature. The premise is simple: we give our featured bloggers a list of 20 random questions, they pick 10 of those to answer, and then we get a lovely insight into their beauty habits.

Here’s fellow Cardiffian Gemm..


My name is Gemm and I’m a 24 year old library assistant from Cardiff. You can usually find me tweeting on my phone, reading a good book or painting my nails. (I sometimes attempt to do all three at the same time) I have a fashion and lifestyle blog – www.fatfrocks.com, and I am a member of the health blog – www.wherearemyknees.blogspot.com.


1. If you could invent one beauty/grooming product, what would it be?

Lipstick that you didn’t need to re-apply, trying to touch up your lipstick after a few cocktails is a nightmare!

2. Who is your beauty inspiration?
Daisy Lowe- I love her mix of classic English rose and rock and roll chic.

3. What is the most envy-inducing product in your makeup bag?
My Chanel powder. I treated myself to this with all the Boots points I had saved up.

4. Which products do you keep coming back to?
Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy lipstick and their primer potion are permanent fixtures in my make-up collection. Midnight Cowboy is a really wearable shade, its nude with a hint of shimmer so it is perfect to wear for any occasion.

5. Are you a one brand gal, or do you like to switch it up?
I like to switch it up. I wear Lancôme eyeliner and mascara, MAC concealer, YSL Touch of Radiance foundation and Illamasqua blush. I’m always open to trying new things and try out products that bloggers give good reviews to.

6. Are there any products you wish you could wear, but feel you can’t pull off?
I would love to be able to wear deep plum lipstick in the winter but it just looks so wrong. I’ve just got the confidence to wear some red lipstick, I thought I couldn’t pull it off but you need to find the right shade. Orange/tomato red seems to suit me the best.

7. Give us an indispensible beauty tip!
Pop a little powder on your lips before applying your lipstick for great staying power.

8. Do you consider yourself to be a fashion-led beauty lover, or a classic beauty lover?
I’m much more of a classic beauty lover, I stick to a little flick of black eyeliner, pink cheeks and a nude lip. I look to old Hollywood stars for my beauty inspiration.

9. What brand/product/person introduced you to the world of beauty?
The first make up brand I bought was Rimmel as a 14 year old girl. I used to wear a lot of black eyeliner and tried to replicate the Courtney Love/rock and roll look, I thought I looked great but I probably looked like a panda.

10. Do you multitask when applying your makeup, or do you need complete concentration?
I usually put my make up on during my morning commute. It means I get an extra few minutes in bed but I get a lot of stares.