Pick & Mix Beauty Questions #5.. Beauty Mouth

All this week we’ll be taking a look at some blogger beauty confessions in our Pick ‘n’ Mix Beauty Questions feature. The premise is simple: we give our featured bloggers a list of 20 random questions, they pick 10 of those to answer, and then we get a lovely insight into their beauty habits. Wonderful!

Today we pass over to the veteran beauty blogger – Beauty Mouth  aka Caroline Hirons – A working wife and mum of 4 who tells it like it is.

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If you could invent one beauty/grooming product, what would it be?

I could tell you but I’d have to shoot you – because I intend to do it!

What is the most envy-inducing product in your makeup bag?

Probably my huge Chantecaille collection – every Limited Edition from Day One and palettes galore… lovely!

Which products do you keep coming back to?

Emma Hardie Cleanser, Alpha-H Liquid Gold, Darphin Purifying Balm, Kate Somerville Toner

How do you apply your mascara?

Curl lashes on one eye, apply mascara from the base all the way up – repeat – a lot. Curl other eye etc etc – I never do my bottom lashes.

Are you a one brand gal/guy, or do you like to switch it up?

I switch it up – I probably have about 20/30 products for every stage – cleanser/toner/treatment/masks/moisturiser – more for treatments…

What’s the wildest eye colour in your makeup arsenal?

I don’t wear eyeshadow – I hate it on my eyes – makes me look like a tranny. Which is GREAT if you ARE ACTUALLY A TRANNY. But I’m not.

What is your everyday makeup routine?

Chantecaille Just Skin, various selection of powders on oily areas, New C-ID Glow bronzer, Nars Sin blush, Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara, Nars Ipanema eye pencil. The only thing that varies every day is my lipgloss.

Are there any products you wish you could wear, but feel you can’t pull off?

See eyeshadow answer

What was your beauty routine in your teens?

Cleanse, tone moisturise – its been a habit from day one.

Give us an indispensible beauty tip.

Always always always cleanse at night. Always. To not do so is unthinkable.

How do you store your beauty goodies?

They have a dedicated cupboard under the stairs and the products that I’m using at the moment are all separated and piled in muji storage containers by what they are: AM moisturisers, PM moisturisers, toners, cleansers, treatments, oils etc etc – I look after my skincare the way most women take care of their shoes.

Do you consider yourself to be a fashion-led beauty lover, or a classic beauty lover?

I’m a ‘tried and tested’ beauty lover. I could care less about fashion (which you will know if we’ve ever met) – and some classic looks are ok but I’ve reached the age where I know what works and what I’m comfortable in and that’s what I go for…

What is the best beauty gift you’ve ever been given?

42 years of advice from my mother and grandmother!

If you could create your perfect fragrance, what notes would it have?

Vanilla (light), amber, rose, lily. I’d stink.

What brand/product/person introduced you to the world of beauty?

My mother and grandmother were both in the industry – my earliest memories are all beauty related. It’s all I ever wanted to do. My first actual job in the industry was running the Aveda counter in Harvey Nichols.

Do you multitask when applying your makeup, or do you need complete concentration?

I multitask when I do everything! I’m always doing 3 things at once. It’s not a skill – it’s what I like least about myself and have had to really pull in the last year or so. My ability to take too much on.