Blog of the Week #36.. Makeup and Beauty Blog


This week’s blog of the week is dedicated to Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen is an absolute powerhouse of a blogger who is always on top in terms of swatches and new products. In fact, if there’s a product that I want to know the exact ins and outs of, I don’t even bother googling it – Karen is pretty much my go-to girl! Her superhuman ability to review pretty much every beauty product out there in full detail is just one of the many things that keep me going back for more.

Another aspect that I love is Karen’s fun-filled graphics, which are often pretty editorial-like in feel. Everything feels really slick and put together, even when she’s parodying makeup campaigns through the medium of cat. This is why she is awesome.

Alongside her premium makeup finds, Karen has a dedicated section for drugstore finds. It great to see what sort of things are becoming underground hits over there – plus I’m strangely fascinated by the brands that are available over there that aren’t available here. The grass is always greener and all that!

Take a look at Makeup and Beauty Blog right here..