Review of the Month – October 2011

Below are our favourite reviews for October. Review are picked for being helpful, insightful or just really interesting.

Each reviewer will receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher! For your chance to win, simply review your past purchases.

Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp ShampooStaggirl‘s Review of Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Shampoo

“Brought this initially for my son who was having problems with his scalp ,he had a build up of what I thought was dandruf all over his head but never seemed to clear up. Tired everything on the market but nothing was working. So I thought we would try the Flaky Scalp Shampoo. His scalp improved after the first wash and he now uses it regularly along with a Phillip Kingsley Conditioner.He did go back once to normal shampoo and the problem came back straight away.

I have since added in the scalp tonic just to keep it at bay. It’s worth the money and I buy the litre bottle as we all use it now.”

Tigi Bed Head For Men Pure Texture Molding Paste woody73‘s Review of Tigi Bed Head For Men Pure Texture Molding Paste

“A great product. Beware that it does set very firmly so if you have mid length hair it will dry a little crispy if you put too much on. I found the product to be great as I have natrually dry and frizzy hair so it gives me a style and hold that lasts all day, even if the back of my head rests on a chair, it does not come out, but unlike gels and other products it does not look wet.

Great smell, easily applies from squeeze tube and washes off with the greatest of ease in the shower as it is not a wax based product.”

Clarisonic MiaAliB‘s Review of Clarisonic Mia

“The Clarisonic Mia might appear pricey but it is worth its weight in gold! Being a frequent visitor to the USA, I wanted a product that could come with me when out of the country.

Within 5 days, my skin was softer and smoother with a visible reduction to the white spots on my forehead. Simple to use and keep clean, I thoroughly recommend this to anyone of any age.

I just wish this had been available in my 20’s……I would love to have seen my skin now!”

Arturo‘s Review of Amouage Jubilation XXV Man Eau de Parfum

“Truly a masterpiece. Expensive but worth every penny, Jubilation XXV was the first fragrance I smelled from Amouage and still the best in my opinion. Jubilation XXV created by Bertrand Duchaufour is sophisticated, elegant and divine in virtually every way possible. From the darkened fruits, incense, woods & spices combine to create a sensual fragrance evocative of the desert and all its mystery, but still bearing heart and soul, something I feel the majority of high street brands all fail. Amouage fragrances have highly impressed me so far, and Jubilation XXV is no exception.

Jubilation XXV begins on my skin with a fruity tone of dried fruits, blackberry-blackcurrant, a fruity tone mixed with honey, frankincense and a resinous labdanum note. The combination of these highest of quality ingredients stay for a while followed by the incense which smooths over in time and the, gaiac wood, oude, opponax and amber come out more and all the elements come together in a luxurious gourmand never at any time becoming overbearing.

Overall, Jubilation XXV lasts over 12 hours on my skin and has a projection like no other. The first time I wore this out I received many compliments but had to admit to telling a few small one’s in giving my answer as to what i was wearing.

Jubilation XXV is an amazing fragrance that is set to be a classic, luxury item, perfect for special occasions. I would thoroughly recommend this product.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Escentual and their professional team on the excellent, helpful and efficient service they provided. I look forward to dealing with you in the very near future.”

Thierry Mugler A*Men EDT Rubber Flask Natural SprayBaggio‘s Review of Tierry Mugler A* Men

“I love the Thierry Mugler range and it’s crowning jewel for men is Angel Men. The first time I tried this the heavy tar note right at the start put me off. Its heavily laden with Patchouli aswell but give it a couple of tries before you give up on it.

This really is the fragrance of two halves!

The patchouli rules for a couple of hours but then it slowly changes to a warm chocolate caramel scent which is a great compliment getter. Another top aspect of this fragrance is it lasts for hours I get 14-18 hours strong smelling lifespan from this. Its quality juice that falls into the gourmande category.

The only downside is the rubber spritzer can be a little awkward but it can be modified to give a more powerful spray.

This is a great autumn/winter scent, maybe not so good for summer with the chocolate vibe but you get your money’s worth here. A good addition to anyones fragrance collection!”

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