Blog of the Week #40.. The Beauty Look Book


Today’s blog of the week is The Beauty Look Book, a US beauty blog maintained by the lovely Sabrina. Every product is photographed in a remarkably true-to-life way, so that you can get a thorough grasp of what it’s all about. The Beauty Look Book is a veritable encyclopaedia of different colours, textures and finishes, and it really is a visual feast for makeup junkies.

One of my favourite aspects of the blog is Sabrina’s expertise. She has a knack for matching the products that she reviews with similar things from her extensive makeup collection, and uses this knowledge to compile really useful comparison posts with plenty of photographic evidence. If you’ve got a favourite nail colour that’s been discontinued, or a new lipstick that needs to be just a tiny bit lighter or darker, then you’ll know how invaluable this sort of information can be.

Visit The Beauty Look Book, and lose yourself in Sabrina’s artful images for a little bit

  • I am a huge fan of Sabrina’s blog. Visual feast for beauty junkies is the perfect description!