Winter Warmers

I’ve always loved the first days of autumn, when pavements are lined with a carpet of bronzed leaves and we start to notice a bite in the air – but I do struggle to adjust to the plunging temperatures, especially on those dark, chilly mornings. Rather than hibernate under the duvet until Christmas, however, I see the change in seasons as a great excuse to crack open new bottles, tubes, and pots of warming beauty products (would you expect anything less?!) So this week, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite buys so you can join me in the act.

1 – Tisserand Ginger Essential Oil, £10.15.
When I think of warming fragrances, the first thing that springs to mind is ginger – and this high quality pure essential oil by Tisserand is the perfect way to enjoy it.

Try adding a few drops to a massage oil or cream, working it into tired, aching limbs at the end of a long day – or add a couple of drops to a running bath to fill the bathroom with the scent while you wallow in the water. For the coldest evenings, however, I really recommend adding it to a diffuser to fill the entire house with the sweet, spicy aroma.

2 – Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Warming Foot Smoother, £15.35.
If you suffer from poor circulation, you’ll be well aware of the struggle to keep feet warm throughout the colder months. Rather than doubling up on socks (or resorting to ski socks, which I’ve tried in the past), treat yourself to this indulgent scrub that warms on contact with water.

The thick, creamy scrub is packed with Tahitian sand salts and fine pumice to slough away dead skin, whilst macadamia nut oil and shea butter leave feet feeling soft and silky. However, it’s the self-warming formula that really has me hooked – there are few things more enticing when my feet feel like blocks of ice on the coldest days and evenings!

3 – Etro Shaal Nur Perfumed Shower Gel, £38.80.
This silky shower gel may be pricey – but it’s worth every penny when you wake up and run shivering to the shower. Take one breath of its rich, spicy fragrance and you will feel instantly warmer and ready to take on the day ahead.

Notes of nutmeg, fresh spices, amber, patchouli, and vetiver combine for a super-warming treat, which lingers on your skin long after you have stepped out of the shower. And the easily lathering, hydrating formula has the added bonus of leaving the body feeling soft and hydrated.

4 – Acqua di Parma Large Cube Candle in Spice, £50
Flickering candlelight has the power to calm and warm instantly – and this luxury 1kg candle will last an impressive 60 hours, so you can enjoy its scent throughout the season.

Lighting the wick is the beauty equivalent of hiding under a cashmere blanket. Not only will it instantly create a soothing ambience in your home, but the intoxicatingly spicy scent will warm you up in a matter of minutes.  I love the fact that it burns from the inside, keeping the shape and chic Acqua di Parma logo intact!

5 – Occo Motovun No.3 Body Scrub, £21.25
There are few better ways to warm up chilly limbs than with vigorous exfoliation – if you aren’t prepared to head to the gym or out into the cold for a run round the block, that is. Personally, I prefer to venture as far as the bathroom and run myself a warm bath, taking this warming body scrub with me.

Packed with cedarwood and pine essential oils, the scrub boosts circulation and smoothes skin with a blend of wood pulp, almond, and walnut shells. Afterwards, skin feels impressively soft and silky – and you’ll feel warmed from the inside.

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