Take Care of your Neck and Decolletage

Ever since my 14th birthday – the day I ventured into my local chemist and purchased my first pot of moisturising cream with birthday money, on the advice of my latest teenage magazine – I’ve always had a strict skincare regime. I’m quite religious about it, even when it’s the small hours of the morning and I want nothing more than to climb into my bed. There’s one area, however, that I’ve been neglecting for far too long. I’d like to blame the beauty editor of that teenage magazine back in 1995, but I probably should have known better…

I have been forgetting – shock, horror – to moisturise below my chin, never venturing as far as my neck or décolletage. And as I enter my 30’s, I’m starting to notice that this has been a big oversight, with fine lines and wrinkles appearing far more rapidly than I can keep count.

So for the last few months, I have been taking this area of skincare particularly seriously, investing in products that promise to protect, repair, and delay the ageing process. The first on my wish list was Clarins Super Restorative Decollete and Neck Concentrate, £43.20, which is packed with high-performance plant extracts to help restructure and repair the skin’s texture. I apply it first, working from my chest, up to my neck, and waiting for it to absorb before moving onto my moisturiser.

When applying my moisturiser to my face, I now make sure that I go south of my chin – religiously smoothing the cream over neck and chest. It’s really important that the product contains SPF, as the sun’s rays are the biggest cause of premature skin ageing (I have those teenage years to blame again, venturing out in low-cut tops and exposing my poor neck and chest to too much daylight). I use 3Lab Hydra Day Water-Based SPF 20, £49.71, which is really lightweight and absorbs instantly into skin.

As an added – and admittedly rather expensive – treat for the décolletage, there are few better home treatments than Methode Jeanne Piaubert SUPREM’ ADVANCE Anti-Ageing Cream for the Bust, £107.52. It works to reverse existing damage, whilst protecting against further signs of ageing. It’s a rich cream, so I save it for use at night only. It feels incredibly silky and luxurious and leaves skin looking plumper, smoother, and more radiant.

If you’re worried about your bust drooping and losing firmness as you get older, Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel, £32.40 is the product for you. It contains a blend of plant ingredients that promise to strengthen collagen, increase surface tightening, and protect against further damage.

And finally, if you want are lacking in the bust department and want to boost your cup size without surgery, I have heard some amazing things from other beauty journalists about Pupa’s Rapid Action Breast Enhancer, £49. The four-week treatment promises to help you achieve naturally fuller, firmer, more toned breasts – and works by stimulating the skin’s fat cells. I haven’t tried it myself, but I must admit that I’m sorely tempted…

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