Blog of the Week #47.. Katie’s Beauty Blog

This week’s blog of the week goes out to Katie of Katie’s Beauty Blog.  I originally discovered Katie’s blog as I was looking for some tips on how to care for coloured hair. I spotted her super long, bleached hair in a thumbnail on another blog, and I had to find out how she kept it looking so gorgeous!

Since then, I’ve kept track of Katie’s blog. I love her mix of high end and high street beauty, and she always provides great coverage of the many press events that she’s invited along to. Her commitment to taking a tonne of pictures is admirable, and you can always count on lots of lovely swatches to whet your appetite.

Another thing I love about Katie’s blog is the little conversational posts that she adds here and there, like her trip to Morocco, and the things that she got for her birthday. Having a little extra insight into the bloggers that you read so regularly is always a lovely thing!

Take a peek at Katie’s gorgeous hair right here at Katie’s Beauty Blog.