Escentual Festive Flash Event Day 31 – 30% Off All Occo

30% off the RRP of all Occo products 

The Gift of Spa Pampering

Occo is a natural spa and lifestyle brand comprising of six home spa ranges that harness the diverse natural resources of the Dalmatian Coast. From the vital vineyards to aromatic meadows, and the calming woodland to the purity of the sea.

The collection includes both pampering body products and home fragrancing that allow you to create a spa environment of your very own. Take an indulgent bath with the Kornati No.7 Bath & Body Wash, light the Kornati No.7 Fragranced Candle, and cocoon your skin with the softness of the Kornati No.7 Body Lotion when you’re done. You’ll feel like you’re floating on the dazzling blue waters that surround the Kornati islands in no time.

Take a look at the entire Occo collection and enjoy a special 30% off!