Blog of the Week #50.. Basenotes

This week’s blog of the week goes out to, a fragrance blog behemoth founded by aficionado Grant (complete with a famous fan, no less).

Basenotes is, without a shadow of a doubt, the place where you need to head if you’re a fan of scent. From up to date information about perfume launches to its comprehensive fragrance directory, Basenotes is a veritable mine of information and expertise. As well as perusing information, there is the chance for amateur and seasoned fragrance fans alike to cultivate the knowledge space in the forum and reviews sections.

For those community members who want to try their hand at writing about fragrance themselves, there is also a Blogs section that allows them to do just that. From suggestions to stories, rambles to reviews, each mini entry reveals the passion and the inquisitiveness of the tightly knit community.

Basenotes is a must for scent fans – take a look right here.