New Launch: Eshu Skincare for Men

Get effective, no-nonsense and unique skincare from new Australian men’s skincare brand Eshu, a collection created in response to the harsh conditions of the driest continent on earth.

The range of grooming, hair removal and cleansing products is made up of a wealth of botanical extracts that have been used by Australian locals for thousands of years. The simplicity of the Eshu collection is integral to its appeal – and it’s set to change the way you feel about your skin.

The collection is made up of three simple steps: Cleansing, Shaving and Maintenance. Choose from the Face Wash, the Pre-Shave Oil,  the Shave Gel, the Shave Cream,  the After Shave Balm, the Moisturiser, the SPF 30+ Moisturiser, and the Face Scrub, and build up your own tailored routine.

The key ingredients of each product are sourced from indigenous Australia, and include Blue Cypress, Quandon Fruit, and Australian Tea Tree Oil. The formulations respect the skin’s balance, and work in perfect synergy with your lifestyle to provide healthy looking skin every day.

One of the most immediately striking things about the collection is the design of its bottles. Completely recyclable, many of the products are created to a patented design specification that can be stored at an angle to retrieve every last drop of product.

Take a look at the entire Eshu range right here at, from £10 – £22.

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