Blog of the Week #52.. The London Lipgloss


Our final Blog of the Week for the year goes out to a new favourite: The London Lipgloss, a music, fashion and beauty blog steeped in quirky style. The London Lipgloss is the creation of beauty insider, music photographer and DJ Zozo, and features everything from outfit shots to product reviews.

A great aspect of The London Lipgloss is the diversity of its content, not just in terms of the aforementioned crossover of music, fashion and beauty, but also in terms of Zozo’s personal style. From talking about the best way to achieve Ramona Flowers-esque hair and ear stretching, to swatching the latest in premium beauty and high end Christmas presents, The London Lipgloss caters to all types of beauty lovers.

As a seasoned photographer, Zozo’s shots are pretty spectacular. If you’re a fan of artfully taken photos with fun styling, take a peek at this. The London Lipgloss really is an awesome all-rounder – and the perfect way to round off one year of Escentual’s Blog of the Week.

Take a look at The London Lipgloss right here, and follow Zozo on Twitter here.