A Workout In Your Bathroom

By Louise Emma Clarke
Founding Editor of The-Beauty-Pages.com

Eaten too many mince pies this festive season? I’m happy to admit that I fall into that camp every year – and this January will be no exception. I’ve never, however, been a big fan of the gym, so why break the habit of a lifetime? Especially when it was recently revealed that Brits waste a combined £37million every year on unused gym memberships – an average £500 per hapless joiner.

I’d much rather spend my share of the money on beauty products (a fact that probably won’t surprise you), so this January I will be investing in a set of toning, smoothing, and cellulite-busting products for my bathroom. Care to join me? My four-step plan is below…

My morning starts in the shower – not, I am relieved to say, on a treadmill. So I will be making sure that a bottle of Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate, £13.60 [1], sits on the bathroom shelf this January. The silky gel smells fantastic (a great wake-up call on dark, early mornings) and helps to cleanse, firm, and stimulate the skin. The secret is in the blend of essential oils, including Rosewood, Geranium, Mint and Rosemary.

No need to pound the pavements to rid your thighs of the lumpy, dimpled appearance of cellulite. Instead, invest in a pot of Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub, £19.95 [2], which contains brown sugar, honey, and six organic essential oils and has a draining effect on skin, which helps to smooth away cellulite. Use it daily for best effect, scrubbing in long, firm strokes towards the heart – and, as an added bonus, skin will be glowing with radiance when you step out the shower cubicle.

After drying off, the next step is to smother limbs in a body firming moisturiser. My favourite is Dior Svelte Reversal Gel, £41 [3], which contains an amazing ingredient called Viniferine. One hundred times more effective than caffeine (which itself has been proven to have a positive effect on cellulite), the gel stimulates the elimination of excess fats and limits storage of new fat to help you regain a firmer, smoother silhouette. I’m not going to pretend that this gel performs miracles, but it certainly improves the appearance of skin – and with its fresh, pleasant scent, it’s a real pleasure to apply too.

Yes, I know it’s only January and limbs will be covered in warming layers most the time – but there is nothing like an application of fake tan to make you look and feel slimmer, smoother, and tighter. And if you are going to apply it, why not pick a product that promises to firm your skin, such as St Tropez Everyday Tan Body, £13.44 (available in Fair to Medium or Medium to Dark) [4]? Always apply it the day after your firming gel, as fake tan doesn’t develop well immediately after applying moisturiser and you will be left with streaks. For an even, natural-looking result, I recommend applying it with a mitt, such as St Tropez Soft Mitt, £3.36 [5].

Happy New Year everyone – I look forward to recommending lots more products in 2012!

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