Blog Posts of the Week.. 6/1/12

As hard as it is to say goodbye to our weekly Blog of the Week feature, we can’t be sad for long – a brand new feature is taking its place, and its packed full of even more useful content from the blogosphere.

Welcome to our brand new Blog Posts of the Week feature, a summary of the latest and greatest news from our blog roll. We’ll be featuring the informative, the funny, the strange and the unique right here every Friday. Here’s what’s captured our attention this week:

1) ‘Tips for Fixing a Beauty Crisis’ at Beauty Swatch 

Our inaugural Post of the Week feature starts with some invaluable advice from Beauty Swatch’s Akisa. If you’re prone to flaking foundation, improper contouring or overzealous eyebrow filling, then Akisa’s ‘Tips for Fixing a Beauty Crisis’ has some on-the-go solutions that will sort you right out.

2) ‘Diorshow New Look Mascara’ at British Beauty Blogger 

With the imminent release of the Diorshow New Look Mascara (31st January – pop it in your diary Dior fans!), British Beauty Blogger Jane takes a look at the unique features of the innovative formulation, the tapered Nano-Brush, and its special lash catching micro head.

3) ‘Especially Escada’ at Now Smell This

Rounding off our posts of the week is news of another upcoming release. Especially Escada is a big launch for the fashion house and is a bit of a departure from the limited edition fruity cocktails that Escada is best known for. This post takes a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the scent starring the beautiful Bar Refaeli.