Swatch Post: Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs

We’re continuing our series of swatch posts with a little more eye luxury, this time in the form of the Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs. This collection of pigment rich quads showcases a series of texture and colour that is tailored to personal preference. If you’re a fan of purple, Les Violets is for you. If you prefer a more shimmery finish, then opt for Les Perles. The packaging is as luxe as you’d expect, too – weighty, golden and very Guerlain, it’s the ultimate eyeshadow compact.

Each of these swatches were made on the inside of the arm using a Daniel Sandler Eyeshadow 2 brush. The shadows can be further layered for a more intense, and dampened slightly to create a pigment-rich stroke of eyeliner.

Les Violets: (L-R) Deep grape with purple microshimmer, lilac with iridescent microshimmer, violet with purple microshimmer, aubergine frost

Les Bleus: (L-R) Indigo blue with multicoloured microshimmer, aqua frost, kingfisher blue with blue microshimmer, light denim frost


Les Verts: (L-R) Chocolate brown satin, apple frost, deep green with gold shimmer, champagne shimmer

Les Bois de Rose: (L-R) Brown with pink and gold microshimmer, light rose frost, rose pink with silver microshimmer, light brown satin


Les Gris: (L-R) Deep grey brown with silver shimmer, champagne silver with silver shimmer, midnight blue with teal shimmer, silver frost


Les Fumes: (L-R) Taupe with pink microshimmer, dusky rose satin, deep brown satin, pewter frost


Les Cuirs (L-R) Bronze brown with gold microshimmer, champagne with golden microshimmer, nude satin, goldenrod with gold shimmer


Les Perles: (L-R) Silver frost, white frost, mauve frost, lilac frost


Les Noirs: (L-R) Black with silver microshimmer, pale pink frost, dark grey with silver microshimmer, medium grey with silver microshimmer

Take a look at the Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Palettes right here at, £33.30 each

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