Swatch Post: Rouge Dior Lipstick

Here’s another big round of swatches for you – this time, it’s the wonderfully textured Dior Rouge lip colour that is under the spotlight. Rouge Dior is the luxe alternative to the more fashion-focused Dior Addict lip shades, offering a mix of classic and haute colours that smooth and colour the lips exceptionally.

A new generation of plumping hyaluronic acid microspheres give lips the appearance of fullness, while a high level of pigmentation provides real colour depth. The creaminess of the formulations feels very comfortable on the lips,  and each shade is shot through with a subtle dewy shimmer for a flattering effect.

These lipsticks were swatched straight from the bullet onto the back of the arm in two swipes. The shades can be further layered for more opacity.

(L-R) 028 Mazette (coral pink), 066 Diorama (bronze pink), 264 Mitzah Lilac (frosty lilac-pink), 277 Declamation Pink (fuchsia pink), 296 Beige Quadrille (beige rose shimmer)

(L-R) 298 Beige Indecise (true beige), 349 Pink Junon (hot pink), 351 Elegant Pink (rosy pink), 361 Pink Baiser(muted magenta), 365 Pink Songe (muted rose pink)

(L-R) 411 Sensual Bronze (bronze brown), 434 Samarcande Brown (muted brown), 435 Andalouse (peach with shimmer), 444 Red Muse (hot pink red), 513 Bright Amber (bronze shimer)

(L-R) 522 Bronze Zerline (rosy brown), 526 Rare Amber (amber rose), 551 Pink Cocotte (muted berry rose), 565 Trafalgar Pink (hot magenta), 638 Blazing Red (bright red)

(L-R) 644 Blossom Red (muted red), 649 Mythical Pink (neutral pink), 678 Devilish Pink (berry pink), 743 Zinnia Red (dark vampish red), 752 Favori Red (true red)

(L-R) 759 Pink Extase (brown mauve-pink), 757 Iconic Red (blue-toned red), 766 Star Fuchsia (hot fuschia pink), 786 Mysterious Mauve (pink purple), 862 Hypnotic Red (damson red)

(L-R) 874 Fantastic Plum (plum red), 999 Ara Red (orange red)

(L-R) 314 Angelique Beige (nude), 428 Pisanelle Pink (rosy beige), 651 Tourbillon Pink (petal pink), 741 Allegro Pink (neutralrose brown)


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  • Amazing post – so so useful!

    Now, if you could just do swatches of the eyeshadow singles too…!


    • Thanks Nazia, your request has been popped onto the swatch list! x