Exercise Saviours

By Louise Emma Clarke
Founding Editor of The-Beauty-Pages.com

Was your New Year’s Resolution to step up your exercise regime? If you are still keeping it up on 23rd January, firstly I applaud you – my resolutions usually fall by the wayside in the second week of January, to be replaced by comforting takeaways and glasses of wine. Secondly, for those of you still hanging in there, I recommend getting your hands on a selection of pre and post-exercise products – as I bet your body is starting to show signs of exhaustion (especially if you aren’t used to such a rigorous regime)… My pick is below.



Face Wipes. If you’re heading to the gym straight from work, you’ll need to remove your makeup before you step up the cardio (melting makeup isn’t good for your image or your complexion).  Cleansing wipes make the job quick and easy – and I recommend bareMinerals i.d Take Off Facial Wipes, £7.65.

Deodorant. Lets face it, deodorant isn’t the most glamorous purchase – but it’s certainly necessary when you’re hitting the gym. Steer clear of the beautifully scented ones (they’re great for day wear, but won’t cut it in a spinning class) and opt for something simple and effective, like Vichy 24hr Dry Touch Deodorant Roll-on, £8.

Hair protector. Swimming laps? Without protection, your hair is going to end up feeling dry and brittle – and if it’s blonde, it may even end up discoloured. Investing in a hair protector will guard your locks from the chlorine, whilst also giving it an intensive conditioning treatment. The best on the market is Philip Kingsley Swimcap, £16.10.

Aromatherapy Vaporiser. If you struggle to muster up the enthusiasm to head to the gym in the evening, I strongly recommend burning an energising essential oil as the sun starts to dip. Invest in Tisserand’s Aroma Steam Diffuser, £29.95, and add Orange, £4.75, Grapefruit, £6.15, or Mandarin Essential Oils, £6.80 (or even a blend of all three) to get you in the mood for a workout.



Relaxing Scented Candle. After all that physical and mental stimulation, it’s time to give your mind and body a rest – so light the wick of a relaxing scented candle as soon as you step through the door. L’Occitane The Harvests Lavender Candle, £15.57, is the perfect way to wind down.

Muscle Soak. Aching muscles? Sink into a warm bath infused with a soothing muscle soak, such as Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Mineral Muscle Soak, £15.35. The blend of Dead Sea salts, trace minerals, and algae extracts helps to ease away soreness, whilst also revitalizing skin.

Massage Oil. For the achiest limbs, add a muscle rub to your post-exercise regime. Tisserand Muscle Ease Massage Oil, £8.10, is fantastic value for money. With warming ginger oil, relieving lemongrass oil, and stimulating rosemary oil, it’ll revive the sorest muscles.

Detoxing Hair Mask. Chlorine, frequent showers and heat drying, and extreme weather combine to leave locks stressed and damaged – so treat locks to regular applications of a detoxing hair mask when you are in the midst of an exercise regime. Fudge Detox Deep Cleanser, £6.45, is ideal.

Foot Cream. Pounding the pavements or treadmill? Your feet will be taking a battering, so give them some TLC every evening with a softening foot cream. Clarins Foot Beauty Cream, £16, contains Arnica to relieve feelings of fatigue, Shea Butter to repair, and Cashew Nut Oil to nourish and soften. Your feet will thank you for it.

Happy workouts!

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