Guerlain Noir G Mascara New Launch


Weighty and coated in black metallic lacquer, the packaging of the Guerlain Noir G mascara is extremely luxurious. The Guerlain insignia and the ‘G’ clasp lend some timeless chic to the innovative design.


Pull the top of the Noir G and the clasp releases the door to the handy double mirror. The door is spring loaded for ease of use.


Twist the top to remove the ergonomic mascara wand and apply the plush, creamy formulation to lashes. The exceptional formula of the Noir G mascara provides all-in-one lengthening, volumising and curling for all of the drama of false lashes.


A polymer film sets the formula from daybreak to nightfall, while ultra black pigments dress the lashes with the ultimate intensity for eyes that look mesmerising from every angle. Lashes are cared for with Artemia Saline extract , a cell revitaliser that helps with growth and overall condition, ensuring a long-lasting and spectacular Noir G eye look long after you’ve removed it for the day.

The Noir G may be refilled once the mascara has run out. To refill your metal casing, simply pull the brush away from the tube and the insert tube will come away with it. Then, push the button at the top of the mascara wand and pull the brush out of the casing. A replacement Noir G refill can then be slotted inside.


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