Blog Posts of the Week.. 03/02/2012

Cake Stand – Perfume Stand by The Beauty Spark
In this post, Laura introduces us to a completely genius storage idea – a cake stand that displays not cupcakes, but gorgeous fragrance. Alternatively, fill the stand with some decadent makeup palettes and other bits too pretty to keep in a drawer (Guerlain L’Ecrin 6 Couleurs eyeshadow springs to mind!).
A Duo of ‘L’Eaus’ From Guerlain – Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau & Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisée Perfume Reviews by The Candy Perfume Boy
The new Guerlain L’Eau scents get the expert Candy Perfume Boy treatment in this comprehensive post. Each well balanced and evocative review is full of references and up-to-date product information so that you really get a feel for what the fragrances are all about.
Dior Spring – My Garden Party Picks by Lady of the Lane
In this post, Charlie creates an entire look using just the new Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Collection. From the beautiful Waterlily Vernis nail colour to the Rosy Glow Blush, the flattering pastel shades create a really fresh and flattering look.

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