Blog Posts of the Week.. 10/02/12

Etat Libre d’Orange Fils de Dieu & Bijou Romantique ~ new fragrances by Now Smell This
This post provides a great introduction to two new Etat Libre d’Orange scents, Fils de Dieu and Bijou Romantique. The gorgeously feminine Bijou Romantique has just launched with us at Escentual – its scent of pink pepper, ylang-ylang, iris, coconut and benzoin is unusual and very pretty.

My Oil Cleansing Method experience! by Pampered Prince
Andy tries an alien concept in this fascinating post, as he washes his oil-prone skin… with oil! The Oil Cleansing Method (or OCM) actually gleans great results for him, and introduced us to a whole new way to tackle skincare problems.

Notes to Self by Makeup and Beauty Blog
This fun post from beauty (and cat) lover Karen reveals a bit about how she keeps herself motivated. She leaves notes for herself everywhere – and we mean everywhere, from her shoes to her lunch. Her quirky morale boosters are just lovely.

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