New Launch: Stella McCartney LILY Eau de Parfum


Described as the scent of Eve in an English paradise, Stella McCartney’s new scent L.I.L.Y. captures a vision of nature in its most sensual form.

The fresh yet sumptuous fragrance draws its inspiration from a luscious bouquet of lily of the valley, a bloom that Stella herself carried on her wedding day. From the delicate green stalk to the pure white bloom, every aspect of the flower is made luminescent.

A luxurious twist of black truffle together with black pepper from Zanzibar add a uniquely earthy aroma, representing the full, blossoming sensuality of a woman.

LILY is an evocative scent made up of Stella’s most treasured memories. The name of the fragrance is her father’s nickname for her mother, ‘Linda I Love You’, and the bottle is reminiscent of the English cut crystal vases and the ornate frames at her grandmother’s house.

A wonderfully orchestrated scent that Stella fans will love!

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