Blog Posts of the Week.. 2/3/12

New Dior Campaign Models! by A Model Recommends

I love this post! Featuring snaps taken at the Dior Addict Extreme press event in Paris, Ruth provides her readers with a sneaky peak at one of the exciting new shades of Dior Addict Extreme, a collection of nail and lip colours from Dior that launches next month. Riviera is an orange-coral which is just perfect for spring – keep your eyes peeled for more information about the anticipated range…

Manly Multitasking by The Exoliator

As a seasoned Health and Grooming Editor, The Exfoliator really knows his stuff. In this post he takes a look at the upcoming BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF35 release from men’s skincare brand Lab Series – “a veritable Swiss army knife, capable of masking imperfections, moisturising and brightening skin tone, counteracting shine, calming inflammation and then some.”

Peach Almond Yoghurt Cake by Toasty Biscuit

The ever so slightly warmer weather has had me dreaming of spring/summer treats, and this post from Toasty Biscuit is the pinnacle of my food fantasies. With cinnamon, peaches, yoghurt and almonds all rolled into one delectable package, I’m betting it tastes like summer incarnate. Another recipe added to the ‘definitely have to try and make’ list.