Blog Posts of the Week.. 16/03/12

It’s Time to Scent The Muppets on The Candy Perfume Boy Tonight at The Candy Perfume Boy
I’ve been catching up on some brilliant content in the fragrance blogosphere this week. I’m cheating a little bit by featuring this excellent article by The Candy Perfume Boy as it was actually from last week, but  it’s so good that I’m sure you won’t mind. Take a look at ‘It’s Time to Scent The Muppets’ to discover just why Fozzie would be best suited to an Etat Libre d’Orange scent.

What I Hate About Perfumistas: More Thoughts from Francis Kurkdjian at Persolaise
This thought-provoking interview has stirred up much debate in the last couple of days. Francis Kurkdjian (talented creator of iconic scents Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and Narciso Rodriguez for Her) talks to Persolaise about  his take on fragrance critique and the rise of the perfumista. Persolaise is an excellent interviewer, and this post is a real coup.

So What Does Make a Good Perfume Critic? at Grooming Guru
In response to the post above, the Grooming Guru examines the tentative subject of legitimacy in fragrance expertise, and the subjectivity of fragrance experience. The post features a fantastic summarising of the issue: “the fact is, reviewing a fragrance is as much a nebulous, imperfect and subjective art as creating one is.” Excellent stuff!


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