This Week’s Beauty Hits and Misses


 The Great Gatsby
We loved the 1920’s theme that dominated the red carpet at this week’s Met Ball. Vampy wine lips (as sported by Kate Bosworth), Veronica Lake-style hair (as seen on Jessica Alba) and Marcel waves (perfected by Camilla Bell)  have shot to the top of our must-try list.

Right Royal Style
The Duchess of Cambridge’s style choices are often described as quite safe and prim, but her last few forays into the world of fashion have proved to be knock-out. We particularly  adored her Roland Mouret and Jimmy Choo combination this week. Absolutely gorgeous.

Boucheron Is Back
It was gone, but not for too long! The prestigious jewellery brand has relaunched a capsule line of some of its most popular fragrances, and we have them right here at Escentual. Shop Boucheron fragrances for men and women.

Scary Hair
There were some breathtaking looks at this week’s Met Ball, but we weren’t so crazy about a couple of style choices, including Rachel Zoe and Mary-Kate Olsen. We thought our favourite Olsen Twin’s witchy, wispy hair was far too harsh for her face.

Heavyweight Scent
Forget trying to lug that 100ml around in your bag – you’ll only give yourself a bad back. Instead, opt for one of the many purse sprays that are experiencing a revival now that holiday time is coming around. Shop purse sprays at Escentual.

Fake Tan Fails
Now that the weather is getting marginally brighter, it’s time to get your pins out. This invariably means some fake tan is in order, but the trial and error of getting it right can be a little painful. Get it right in your own time with a gradual tan. Shop gradual tanners at Escentual.