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The phenomenal growth of the Clarisonic has cemented the beauty gadgets position in our bathroom. A realm that once used to belong to those brave enough to use epilators has now expanded to include every-day use devices from cleansing to anti-ageing.

Tanda’s light therapy device is not the new kid on the block – we’ve been selling it for over a year – but it’s certainly making its mark. Using LED technology to help diminish wrinkles or clear the skin, Tanda’s innovative and flexible solution is suitable for all ages and skintypes.

So here’s a quick run-down on the range, and currently all Tanda products are 40% off RRP at Escentual.

Standard range:

Tanda Regenerate™ Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment – Uses 660nm red LED light to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin texture, colour, hydration and firmness. It is also great to use in conjunction with the Clear head, as once blemishes start to disappear, the Regenerate head will help to heal the skin and diminish scarring.

Tanda Clear™ – Acne Light Therapy Treatment – Uses 414nm blue LED light to kill P.acnes bacteria, treating existing blemishes and preventing future outbreaks.

Additional products

Heads – The unit is the same for both of the above products; the only difference is the treatment head that you’ll receive. You can purchase each treatment head separately – so if you wanted to treat acne and anti-aging from the same device – all you need to do is buy another head. E.g if you wanted to treat blemish-prone skin, and then help heal the skin and diminish the scars, you could buy the Regenerate unit, and then buy a Clear head.

Also treatment heads will eventually need to be replaced, so you can just buy the replacement head you need.

Tanda Breastaware Breast Awareness Light Head – This unique light head works by shining harmless red LED light is shone through the breast, which illuminates the tissue and makes it glows a bright red. Veins and blood vessels then appear as dark lines, and over time you will be familiar with this internal view of your breasts. If dark spots or shadows appear, you are advised to contact your doctor.

Pre-Treatment Serums – Both the Clear and Regenerate ranges have a Pre-Treatment Serum available in the range. These lightweight non-pore-blocking serums help optimise the delivery of light to the skin, and maximise the effects of the light therapy.
Please note that the ‘Professional’ heads do not fit on the standard unit – as they are a different size.

Professional Range

The professional range was created for use by salon professionals. The devices are not only larger – so have more lights to treat – but also last longer and are more powerful. Again you can swap the heads (as long as you buy ‘Professional’ heads), so you need only buy one full unit.

Tanda Professional Regenerate™ Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment – With all the benefits of the standard unit – but more powerful. This Professional Treatment Device is of a larger size than the original Tanda device. The LED lights are increased in size to emit a more substantial amount of light and cover a larger area, while the number of LED lights is also increased. There are 10000 treatments per head, and these can be interchanged.

Tanda Restore™ Treatment for soothing aches and pains – Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists, this proven device is suitable for soothing the symptoms of arthritis, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, muscle tension, bruising and swelling. Only available in the Professional model.

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