Blog Posts of the Week.. 25/5/2012

Review of Cartier Baiser Vole by Katie Puckrick Smells

We love Katie Puckrick (and I recently had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful lady), and enjoy to watch her animated and informative video reviews. This time Katie looks at the delicatley beautiful lily fragrance – Basier Vole from Cartier.

Before/After: Sizzing Summer Beauty by Musings of a Makeup Artist

If you’ve not visited Kennth Soh’s blog before, you should definitely have a look. Full of useful hints and tips on how to get stunning looks. But the thing that keeps us engaged is the Before/After posts – where you get to see models transform from very normal looking people to stunning models. It’s amazing to see what a make-up artist can achieve (and it makes us all feel a bit better seeing models without make-up). In this post Kenneth creates a gorgeous natural summer day-time look.

Bunting! by Coffee, Toast and London

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re all getting a little bit patriotic at the moment. In in true British style what better way to show our support of Queen and country than to string up some triangular shape rags across the front of our house!! Coffee, Toast and London’s easy-to-follow instruction mean even least crafty of us can come up with some simple and pretty bunting for the occasion.