Blog Posts of the Week.. 8/6/12

Kate Middleton’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend Beauty by Kiss and Makeup

This week has been dominated by news of the magnificent Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and while we loved the regatta and the concert, twe couldn’t resist keeping an eye out for the jubilee style stakes. This post by Kiss and Makeup focuses on the beauty hits scored by the Duchess of Cambridge, who looked absolutely breathtaking.

Zooey Deschanel: Why She’s our Girl Brush 2012 by

This post from is a lovely tribute to actress, model, and general all-round funny girl Zooey Deschanel, the style icon “made of unicorns, rainbows and ukulele music”.

Is Alien Leaving Planet Earth? by Persolaise

This post speculates the possible limitation in availability of the widely used fragrance note cashmeran, which is a key component of Thierry Mugler Alien and Comme des Garcons Wonderwood.