Mum’s The Word – Tips for New Mums

Wondering what to buy for a new Mum? I’m in a position to guide you in the right direction…

I had a baby seven weeks ago (welcome to the world, Stanley!) – and whilst it’s been the best, most exciting, and most rewarding seven weeks of my life, I can’t pretend that it’s a time when I’ve felt the healthiest or most body-confident. Beauty products that can help rectify have come in very handy – from the energising morning fix, to the bath products that relax when I pass him over to his Dad in the evening.  The babygrows, books, and squeaking toys will be very welcome gifts – but believe me; if you buy something from the list below for a friend or relative who has recently given birth, they will never forget your thoughtfulness.


A friend bought me small bottles of Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil when I was heavily pregnant and told me to put drops in each bath after giving birth. When combined, the two oils help to heal and soothe those post-birth wounds. And believe me, it really works to speed up the healing process.

Buy: Tisserand Essential Oil in Lavender and Tisserand Essential Oil in Tea Tree, £5.35 each.


New mums don’t have much time for luxuries, so treat them to something they can slap on quickly after a bath or shower. If it has firming properties, even better, as their once-svelte body may be feeling a little wobbly these days.

Buy: Nuxe Body Fondant Firming Body Cream, £33.


I never thought that dry hands would be part of being a new mum, but with hundreds of bottles to wash and dry every day, I started getting very dry hands within days of getting home from the hospital. If your friend is bottle-feeding, a tube of luxury hand cream to place by the sink will be very welcome.

Buy: Trilogy Rose Hand Cream, £8.25


Climbing out of bed to start the day can be physically painful when you’ve only had a few hours sleep – so treat your frazzled friend to something that will make the mornings a whole lot easier. I’m a fan of Tisserand’s Pulse Point Roller Balls, which can be swiped across the skin in seconds and sniffed whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Buy: Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Energise Roller Ball, £5.25.


Take it from me; there are some mornings when there simply isn’t time to wash your hair – unless you can throw your head over the side of the bath whilst simultaneously operating a shower head and rocking the pram with your foot (I’ve tried and failed). Dry shampoo will be gratefully received, especially if you invest in a good brand that really does the job.

Buy: TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo, £10.60.

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