A Closer Look at Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women

Following on from the launch of the Big Pony scents for men last year, Ralph Lauren have launched Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women, a quartet of bright and beautiful fragrances inspired by the dynamism of femininity the spirit of sisterhood..


Bold, confident and zesty, Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #1 is the freshest fragrance in the collection. Its unusual combination of blue lotus and grapefruit makes for an addictive signature, arresting the senses with its bright, sharp burst of notes. It is the scent of an active and forward-thinking woman, who needs her perfume to be as assertive as she is.

An enlivening tonic, opt for this scent if you prefer your fragrances to be instantly refreshing.


If romantic scents are more your style, opt for the Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #2 Eau de Toilette, a sweet and fruity cocktail. The girly fragrance is almost gourmand in character thanks to an infusion of marshmallow in the base notes, yet retains sensuality with the sharpness of cranberry and creamy tonka mousse. The perfect fragrance for a heart breaker!

If you like your fragrances to be fruity and sweet, this is the scent for you.


Are you laidback, optimistic and sunny? How about independent and a little rebellious? If you’re nodding along in agreement, then chances are Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #3 will be your favourite. With bright and beautiful notes of  pear and mimosa, it is the perfect scent for those who appreciate radiant florals with a little touch of vivacious greenery.

If you’re a fan of out-and-out florals, or you are more suited to subtle fragrances, opt for this one.


The last entry in the Big Pony collection is the epitome of high fashion: Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #4 is an exotic scent that captures the imagination. The oriental floral blend of wild cherry and purple amber is an almost-edible, tantalising fragrance. The women who wears this is effortlessly stylish, edgy and refined, and naturally draws all of the attention in the room.

If you gravitate towards fragrances that are bold, bright and sexy, this is the one for you.

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