Scent Surround

Perfume is one of my passions. There are at least 10 bottles sat on my dressing table – some that are rotated to make way for new discoveries, and other signature scents that I’ve been wearing for years and would never dream of replacing.

As my life gets busier and more chaotic, however (I’m blaming the 11-week old baby that is staring at me innocently as I type this), spraying perfume is something I’m forgetting to do – so ways that I can surround my clothes, my skin, and my hair in fragrance with minimum effort and thought involved are ever appealing…

If, like me, you need a few more opportunities to immerse yourself in scent, take your pick from my summer selection below:


I may forget to spritz on the scent, but I’m never going to forget to jump in the shower, so replacing my shower gel with something beautifully-scented is probably the easiest way to ensure I am sweet smelling at all times.  My current favourite is Stella McCartney’s latest launch; L.I.L.Y Shower Gel, £22.10 – a unique, but very feminine choice for summer.


If I have a little more time in the morning, sinking into a warm bath infused with one of my favourite scents is a real treat. Top of my wish list is the addictive Acqua Di Parma Italian Resort Revitalizing Bath & Shower Oil, £37.80; a unisex scent that transports me straight to the sun-drenched coast of the Mediterranean.  The scent clings to skin long after I drag myself out of the warm water.


The beauty of essential oils is that they are so versatile. Try adding a few drops to a bath, blending into a massage oil, or burning in a home vaporiser. If you’re doing the latter, hang your jacket or silk scarf near to where it burns to infuse the clothing with its scent. Tisserand has a vast selection, with my favourites for summer being the uplifting Orange Blossom, £26.50, and Bergamot, £7.85.


Who says that your anti-perspirant needs to be added to your supermarket trolley? A fragranced deodorant is an easy, quick and rather luxurious way to incorporate scent to your morning routine. I’m a big fan of Clarin’s classic Eau Dynamisante scent – and the range’s Gentle Deodorant Spray, £14, lends a feeling of instant freshness for the warmer months ahead.


Possibly the laziest (or perhaps savviest) way to surround yourself in scent is to line your chest of drawers in scented paper. Cover the bottom of your lingerie drawer, a drawer of jumpers or tops, or a drawer containing accessories like tights and scarves. There are few things more luxurious than pulling something from the drawer and getting a whiff of fine fragrance – especially when the liners of choice are Prada Infusion d’Iris Scented Drawer Lining Paper, £31.85.


Love it when the scent of your shampoo and conditioner clings to your hair all day? You should definitely invest in a Hair Fragrance, which spray a fine mist of scent over locks without weighing it down. Dior J’adore Hair Mist, £29.05, is ideal for summer, with its floral bouquet of bergamot, roses, and jasmine. When I wear it, I catch whiffs of the scent throughout the day, which is a real luxury.

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