This Week’s Beauty Hits and Misses.. 5/7/2012


Raf’s Dior Debut

Raf Simons showed his first collection for Dior at Paris Fashion Week a couple of days ago – and we were absolutely blown away. Harking back to the days of Dior’s sculptural New Look collection, Raf also mixed in some distinctly modern design in the form of unusual textures and intense colours. A definite sign of good things to come!

Katy’s Premiere Looks

Katy rocked a series of gorgeous – and very different – looks this week at the world premieres of her film Part of Me. Our favourite? The plush red velvet Dolce & Gabanna dress that was dramatic and uber feminine.

Dynamite Dynamisante

2012 marks the 25th birthday of Clarins’ wonder product Eau Dynamisante, the iconic spa fragrance that is loved the world over. Get your fix of the uplifting scent here.

Bird Brained

According to reports, Tom Cruise is an avid fan of a spa facial that includes mixing nightingale droppings with rice bran and water. We don’t know about you, but that’s definitely a step too far down the ol’ beauty experimentation avenue!

Daily Mail Fail

Holly Willoughby posted a make-up free snap of herself last week, and while the rest of the country appreciated (and, if you’re anything like us, were a little jealous of) her fresh-faced complexion, Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones slated the snap for being anti-feminist.

Fake Beauty

This week saw the prosecution of a counterfeit make-up seller, and it’s served as a stark reminder of the prevalence of fake products. Ditch the imperfect packaging and rubbish formulas for products that have all of the careful planning and creativity of their creators put into every last ounce.

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