Blog Posts of the Week.. 5.7.2012

DIY Magnetic Palette: Blusher by Get Gawjus

If you’re tired of rooting around for your blusher in your make-up box/drawer/cupboard, consider Shifa’s solution – a DIY magnetic palette. All you need is a shallow metal case, a sheet of magnetic paper, and some pretty wrapping paper. Beautiful!

Removing Waterproof Mascara? Try This Trick! by Beauty Fool

For me, removing my waterproof mascara usually means torn out lashes or masses of black cotton pads. Although I appreciate the long-wearing formula when it’s on, taking it off is always a nightmare. Renee of Beauty Fool suggests an excellent way to get around the woes of waterproof formulas in this handy post.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique – Nahema #143 & Shalimar #166 by Beauty Swatch

Akisa swatches two absolutely gorgeous Rouge Automatique shades, the coral Nahema #143 and the fuchsia Shalimar #166, in this post. The colours look so beautiful and juicy thanks in part to Akisa’s photography, which is always a joy.