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Welcome to #BBB 2 – if you’ve ever watched MIC (Made in Chelsea) then you will know us Chelsea girls love using abbreviations for everything. So I’ve started calling this blog #BBB – Binky’s Beauty Blog, geddit?

This week I’m hoping my blog’s sunny subject will bring us the summer that we’ve all been waiting for, so read on…

Picking a winner, scoring a bullseye, hitting the back of the net… There’s nothing like being proved right to boost your confidence, and that counts for predicting beauty trends as much an anything else.

Now, we all have our favourite fallback looks – those tried and tested styles and colours that never let us down. But sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and take a risk – whether you’re experimenting with a radical new haircut or binning your trademark red lipstick in favour of a fluoro-pink pout. A girl has to be brave and trust her beauty instincts.

The stakes are even higher if you’re suggesting hair and make-up ideas to others – it doesn’t matter if you’re tweeting your thoughts to thousands or simply chatting to your girlfriends, looking good is a serious business. But you’ve got to have the courage of your convictions, so if it feels right, do it – that’s my new mantra. The source of my newfound beauty confidence? Yellow nails! Or more specifically, gorgeous, zesty, sunshine-at-your fingertips nail colour!


I’d been looking for a summery beauty boost for a few weeks, something to make me feel super-hot and holiday-happy, despite the wash-out weather, and I came up with the idea of a lovely lemon-hued manicure. I felt sure my beauty prediction would be a winner and after doing a bit of detective work i discovered there’s a yellow nail colour out there to suit every skin tone, from soft pastelly primrose via zingy citrus shades to ultra-bright banana yellow. My absolute favourite is the fabulous new Dior nail colour, Dior Vernis Gloss in Acapulco (even the name sounds sunny).

No sooner had I nailed (excuse the pun!) my beauty colours to the mast, than style trendsetters started cropping up everywhere rocking gorgeous sunny talons. I’ve spotted Rihanna and Katy Perry working the look onstage, and this month, Vogue declared yellow THE “now” nail colour for summer. Yay – Binky scores a beauty hit!

I’ll keep you posted next time I spot a beauty trend in my crystal ball as I’m feeling super-confident in my future-gazing skills. In the meantime, if I can just pick this week’s Lotto numbers…

And one last thing – I would love to see your looks and to put them on my blog – especially if you’ve actually taken some of my advice. So please do send in your beauty looks to




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