Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait


Dress your pout with the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait lip colour, a creamy formula that drenches lips with hydration and comfort. With its matte finish and highly pigmented colour, just one sweep of the wand gives you long-lasting brightness and comfort. Each one is subtly scented with the signature Guerlain violet scent, and is packaged in the gem-like Rouge G metal casing with enclosed double mirror.

There is an exciting development with this new release, too – you can buy refills to go inside the packaging without having to buy the casing every time. Great news for Guerlain fans!

(Left to right) M06 Avarice, M25 Colere, M27 Luxure, M41 Envie, M65 Paresse, M69 Orgueil, M71 Gourmandise

Each of the seven shades is inspired by one of the seven deadly sins:

Avarice (Greed), Colere (Wrath), Luxure (Lust), Envie (Envy), Paresse (Sloth), Orgueil (Pride) and Gourmandise (Gluttony). From warm rosy brown to the brightest orange-red,  each colour evokes a very different mood and feel. It’s a complete colour wardrobe – you just need to pick your poison!


(Left to right) M06 Avarice, M25 Colere, M27 Luxure, M41 Envie, M65 Paresse, M69 Orgueil, M71 Gourmandise

M06 Avarice (Greed)  Neutral rosy brown. It’s the perfect everyday colour – apply thickly for a sophisticated, neutral brown, or sheer it out to bring more of the pink undertones through.

M25 Colere (Wrath) Bright coral red. This almost-neon pinky red is ideal for the summer. Apply thickly for statement lips, or sheer it out for a rosy flush.

M27 Luxure (Lust) Deepest, warmest brick red. This sexy colour is described by Guerlain as being brown (possibly in comparison to the bright reds of Colere and Envie), but I would definitely describe it as a deep red. Sheer it out to reveal the bluer undertones.

M41 Envie (Envy) Tangerine red. This ultra-vivid shade looks incredible with a tan. To make it more wearable everyday, sheer it out for a more coral hue.

M65 Paresse (Sloth) Warm rose pink. This colour is great for perking up all complexions – layer thickly for perfect rosebud lips, or sheer out to offer just a hint of colour.

M69 Orgueil (Pride) Plum. This vampy hue is a gorgeous colour for nights out. Layer thickly for bold berry lips, or sheer it out to for more of a red-tinged bitten look.

M71 Gourmandise (Gluttony) Raspberry pink. Utterly girly, this sweet hue offers a touch of instant charm. It is a bold neutral pink that leans a little more towards the warm end of the spectrum, and can be sheered out to create a delicate flush.

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