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Missundaztood‘s review of Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray

This summer I’m having problems with atopic dermatitis, the reason I got it because I was showering for 2, 3 times in one day and also I have allergies on some metals and food, and result of all this was awfully rash, redness, and itching on some parts of my skin. I was really desperate and then I bought Avene Thermal Water to see it would help me.

In about 2 days my rash and redness was almost gone, and there were no itching, and since then I can say that Avene Thermal Water is HG for me!

I used it on my face, and I haven’t felt any dryness, and tension while I was using it, and I can say that for Vichy Thermal Wather, because I had drier skin while I was using it. This AVENE TW is definetly my HG product, and I will use it forever. Not only for alergiess, because this is multipurpose product it will be used in another purpose, like against scratching when mosquito bites me. 🙂

Bbot‘s review of La Roche-Posay Hydreane Rich Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin

THIS IS AMAZING if you have Combination/oily skin this is definitley something you should consider!

I used to have break outs, makeup would slide off my skin, and feel like my skin was clogged up, and it was all because i was using the wrong products for skin type. instead of using products to replinish my skin of moisture i would use harsh products to strip it of oil.

Oily skin is usually the result of skin trying to compensate for moisture loss, by creating lipid barrier to lubricate and protect this skin. stripping the skin of oil and not replenishing it with moisture only exacerbates this process, which can lead to more oil production, that can result in clogged pores and pimples.

Moisturer loss is very common, especially when were exposed to the elements, wind, sun ect, but unfortunately not alot of people know about it

This CREME is WONDERFUL and an absolute SEND. It REALLY DOES WORK! Its incrediably soothing, and not sticky or oily.
More importantly it hydrates your skin.

I would recomment this over the Lerger (light) version, which in my experience can form weird flakes, after application, especially when worn under a mattifying sunscreen, whereas this does not.

There is a slight scent to this product, it kinda very similar to cosmetic smell- think a generic soap or perfume smell-, but its not pungent.

As someone with very sensitive skin myself it has not broken me out or irritated my skin, so I would not hesitate to try even if you have senstive skin, since the product is free of parabens and the La-Roche posay are known for their sensitive skin formulations.

I would definitley recommend this to everyone and to all skin types 🙂

Missundaztood‘s review of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Splash

I was secretly craving for this body oil, and the reason that I meditate is that I’m not a big fan of body oils. Don’t like that sticky feeling on my skin, especially during summer, only the thought that I have to wear my clothes on my sticky body was unthinkable for me. But when I had a chance to try it I was in love with it, especially because I didn’t have that sticky feeling on my skin.

This oil is coming in size of 50 ml (without spray), and 100 ml (with spray).

This product gives nice glow to my skin, smells lovely, like some subtle skin scent. It leaves skin very smooth and silky.

I must say I’,m pleasantly surprised with this product, and no matter what skin type you are you can use it, because it fits everyone. You can use it for hair mask (apply it on you’re hair, and leave it over the night, and wash it in the morning), for body, face, after swimming, for stretch marks etc…

Polebbz‘s review of Clarin’s Double Fix’ Mascara

Purchased as a gift for my mother who suffers terribly with the dreaded panda eye mascara curse, partly due to a dry eye problem, which means her eye weeps all the time – she used to use Kanebo 38 degree mascara as this really stays put, but it has become increasingly harder to purchase this in the UK, so I started looking around for alternate products – she has been using the Double Fix for a few days & says it really works & she is very happy with it. I purchased a normal clarins mascara (again from Escentual) to use underneath it as it recommends, so cannot comment on its effectiveness over the top of another brand, however I see no reason as to why it wouldn’t. be just as protective.

Parislondon‘s review of Guerlain Terracotta Blush – Sun Shimmer Highlighter 

 This fluid blusher really lifts the complexion. It gives a healthy, sun-kissed glow when applied in the cheeks bones (and optionally on the tip of the nose, top of forehead and chin).

Just be careful to use only a tinsy bit, the smallest of drops that you can dispense on your hand or finger, as it has a lot of pigment and an incredible stay, so you better use very little. I actually used too much product the first time myself, which was a waste and it also made my face look like a tomato!

If you just add a tiny drop on both cheeks and blend it properly , it does what it says.

I am blonde, so I have the pink version, but I guess that both shades do the same, adapting to each type of skin/natural colours.
Colour seems slightly strong for my skin, but again, it is all in the blending. It does provide a beatiful glow that lasts almost all day until you remove the make-up.

A bit expensive, but with the right amount used each time and considering that no retouches are needed, it should last long and it is an effective beauty weapon to have on your make-up case.

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