Light Up – How to Highlight the Face and Body


One of my favourite things about the summer months is the longer, lighter evenings, especially when a warm night takes on that deep orange hue as the sun starts to sets. Wearing highlighter on our faces and bodies on these evenings is a great way to embrace the sunlight – and it can do some clever things too. See my tips for highlighting, defining, and boosting your face and body below…

Not blessed with razor sharp cheekbones? Or are they hidden a since you’ve put on a little weight? Highlighting your cheekbones with a little shimmer will help to define them – and it’s so pretty when the sunlight catches your skin as you talk and move. My favourite way to highlight the complexion is with powder. To do this, suck your cheeks in and place the blusher or bronzer brush softly in the hollow of your cheek. Then simply sweep up and over each cheekbone lightly.
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If you’re lacking in confidence in the bust department, a little highlighter in your cleavage will appear to boost it. Again, I prefer a powder formula for this, as covering the whole décolletage with a shimmery body lotion is a little over the top for daylight hours. Less is more – one sweep in the dip of your cleavage is enough.
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If you’re as short as me, you’ll be willing to try anything to make your legs look longer and leaner. One trick I learnt a while ago is to run shimmer down the centre of each shinbone, which gives the illusion of additional length.  A solid stick formula is the easiest way to do this. Run it down each leg and blend to finish by rubbing into skin. Look for formulas that contain moisturising ingredients, such as cocoa or shea butter, which will infuse your skin with moisture and give them additional shine.
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Strapless and backless tops are a big trend this summer – and if you are blessed with lean, toned shoulders, you are going to want to show them off. Wearing a shimmering body lotion on your shoulders is a stunning way to draw eyes to your best asset, especially when the early evening sunshine is glinting away.  Look for formulas where the shimmer is subtle, only being noticeable when it catches the light.
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